This fitness startup is ready to cash in on the ClassPass price hikes that made people furious

Could FitReserve be the next ClassPass? Instagram/FitReserve

FitReserve is having a field day.

The workout-booking company — which, like ClassPass, lets members book boutique fitness classes at discounted prices —  sent out an email to its members (h/t Maya Kosoff), subtly jabbing ClassPass’s recent price hikes. The new prices would make memberships cost $190/month for existing customers and $200/month for new customers in New York City, granting them unlimited access to classes. People were furious.

The company also introduced a 10-class plan at $125/month for new members and $135/month for new members.

Here’s FitReserve’s saucy response:

To be fair, ClassPass hadn’t exactly sprung the new prices onto members; the company had announced the plan to switch the membership options earlier in April, though Business Insider’s Kif Lewsing reports that some people just heard about these new prices. And people who had been with ClassPass for the long haul would know this isn’t a new tactic for the company, as it had jacked up prices last year, changing the New York City membership from $99 to $125 a month. Members were similarly irked then.

FitReserve’s policies appear to serve as contrasts to ClassPass’s: FitReserve members can work out at a specific studio four times a month, in contrast to ClassPass’s limit on three classes per month. Unlike ClassPass, FitReserve allows members to sign up for any class; ClassPass famously restricted certain classes. But like ClassPass, it comes with a $15 late cancellation fee that could get ugly should members consistently decide to skip their workout within 12 hours of the class. People who don’t show up to classes get charged $20. And the window to sign up for classes is five to fourteen days, which isn’t too far off from ClassPass’s seven-day window (or less for Flywheel classes).

FitReserve has three levels of membership: starter (5 classes for $79/month), gold (10 classes for $149/month), and platinum (20 classes for $249/month). Popular studios on the company’s roster include Barry’s Boot Camp and popular local barre, yoga, and cycling gyms. It’s currently available in New York City and Boston, making it smaller than ClassPass.

It looks like angry consumers are making the switch from one service to the other:




FitReserve is even reaching out to people on Twitter who aren’t sure about making the switch.


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