A fitness model got in amazing shape just months after giving birth -- here's how she did it

Mirella IngamellsInstagram/mirella_strongbeatsskinnyFitness model Mirella Ingamells, 36, got in amazing shape after birth. Here she is at nine months pregnant (left), and nine months post-pregnancy (right).

Mirella Ingamells, an English bodybuilder with nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, had gained 22 pounds while pregnant with her first daughter. But just two weeks later, she was back to her post-pregnancy weight.

Ingamells told Cosmopolitan that losing the weight post-pregnancy “wasn’t hard.” Most of her baby weight came from the baby, the placenta and water weight, instead of body fat, since she had worked out regularly before and during pregnancy.

“Being in good condition pre-pregnancy and continuing to look after my body and train throughout pregnancy is what helped me to spring back post-pregnancy so quickly,” Ingamells said.

The fitness model took a two-week break from working out after giving birth, but then started on some light core work to help with her breathing and posture.

She already looked amazing just three months afterwards, as seen in the Instagram post below.

“I was very cautious for six months post-birth,” she told Cosmopolitan. “I didn’t want to rush into training, and I also wanted to enjoy time with my little girl.”

Eventually Ingamells got back into her pre-pregnancy workout routine of lifting weights for upwards of 90 minutes a session, five days a week.

Instead of focusing on losing weight, she worked hard to become as strong as possible.

She also focused on her diet after birth, since she was breastfeeding. Ingamells generally didn’t eat much junk or processed foods beforehand, and she continued to steer clear of them post-pregnancy.

“I just made sure that what I did eat was healthy 80 per cent of the time,” Ingamells said. 

Seven months post-birth, Ingamells decided to sign up for swimsuit competition she had placed second in before, the WBFF Worlds. The competition is set to take place this August in Las Vegas, so she stepped up her workout game to prepare.

Ingamells has been focusing on squats, deadlifts, step-ups, glute kickbacks and chin-ups, according to Cosmopolitan. She has also been eating a 2,500-calorie diet each day to get in shape.

“I actually feel stronger and fitter [than I did before getting pregnant],” Ingamells said. “Becoming a mama has given me a greater inner strength than I ever had before.” 

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