LEAKED: Fitbit's New Fitness Tracker Comes With A Larger Screen And Can Measure Your Heart Rate

FitbitSurgeThe VergeMarketing materials for the Fitbit Surge.

Fitbit is reportedly planning to release three new wristbands sometime soon — the Charge, the Charge HR, and the $US249 Surge.

The Surge sounds as if it will be the highest-end model of the three, according to leaked marketing materials published by The Verge. Fitbit is referring to the device as a “superwatch” rather than a smartwatch. While the Charge and Charge HR will function similarly to Fitbit’s current fitness bands, the Surge comes with built-in GPS support and comes with a larger screen than those of the company’s other wristbands.

Like the Charge HR, the Surge will be able to continuously measure your heart rate through a new system Fitbit calls PurePulse.

Other features include the ability to display calls and texts from your phone, track your steps, distance, floors climbed, and active minutes.

The new leak comes just after Gizmodo outed Fitbit’s other two coming fitness bands last week.

We’ve reached out to Fitbit for comment and expect to learn more soon.

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