Fitbit's New Fitness Watch Can Display Your Calls And Track Your Location While You Run

FitbitSurgePhotoLisa EadiciccoThe Fitbit Surge comes with a large screen like a smartwatch.

Fitbit just unveiled three new fitness trackers, the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR, and Fitbit Surge, which is meant to offer the benefits of both a smartwatch and a traditional fitness tracker.

The Fitbit Charge ($US129.95) is the company’s new entry-level fitness tracker, and it’s available today. Like its previous models, the Charge can track your steps taken, distance traveled, and floors climbed. What’s new, however, is its ability to display phone calls and text messages from your phone.

Lisa EadiciccoThe Fitbit Charge is the company’s new entry level fitness tracker.

The Charge HR ($US149.95) is nearly identical to the Charge, but it comes with a new heart rate monitoring feature Fitbit calls PurePulse.

Fitbit says the Charge should be able to last for about a week on a single charge, while the Charge HR will last for about five days.

Lisa EadiciccoThe Fitbit Charge HR comes with a heart rate monitor on the inside of the wrist. It also comes with a metal clasp like a watch.

The Surge ($US249.95) is Fitbit’s first fitness tracker to come with a larger screen that resembles that of a smartwatch. Fitbit is pushing the Surge as more of an advanced sports watch rather than a smartwatch. Other than its larger screen, the main differentiator between the Surge and the two Charge wristbands is the Surge’s built-in GPS. This means runners will be able to track their routes.

While the Fitbit Charge is already available to order, the Surge and Charge HR won’t launch until early 2015.

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