Now Your IPhone 5S Can Double As One Of Those Fitness Trackers

The official Fitbit app just recieved an impressive upgrade. For the iPhone 5s, the app gained a new feature called “Mobiletracker”.

The update only works on the iPhone 5S because the phone has a new chip in it called the M7 that can track motion, just like a lot of other fitness trackers out there.

With FitBit’s new app and an iPhone 5S, your smartphone will be able to have some of the basic tracking features found on most FitBit devices. The app can gauge how far you walked in a day and how many calories you’ve burned.

Other features on the app include the ability to set a custom water goal if you prefer swimming to working out.

Fitbit makes a series of wristbands that utilise sensors and wireless technology to bring a new experience to working out.

The gadgets vary in price but each one can sync stats across computers and smartphones to give you insight into your overall health. The app has always served as an organizational tool to keep track of your goals. We reviewed the top-of-the-line model, the FitBit Force, earlier this year and really liked it.

The measurements provided by the app is just a fraction of what the actual Fitbit devices can do. However, the basic tools the app update can provide are the perfect entry point for customers to decide if they want to go further and actually purchase one of the watches. If you own an iPhone 5S and want to check out the app, you can download it here.

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