A fitness star posted a moving response after getting shamed for looking 'huge' during pregnancy

Instagram fitness star Revie Jane Schulz revealed she was shamed for looking “full-term” when she was 24 weeks pregnant. Now, she’s speaking out to remind people that no two pregnancies are alike.

The Australian gave birth to her daughter Lexington in April, but this week, she posted a throwback picture of herself at 24 weeks pregnant, wearing a tight green dress and heels.

She told her 120,000 Instagram followers that, at the time, people continually came up to her to comment on how “huge” she looked, often leaving her in tears.

“I posted this after so many comments were thrown my way for having a massive bump,” Schulz wrote on Instagram.

The owner of CrossFit Babes on the Gold Coast of Australia wrote about being “so fed up,” even when trying on the pictured dress at a store.

“The shop assistant said ‘Holy moly! My friend is 36 weeks and you’re only 24 weeks and you’re WAY bigger than her!’ She repeated this to the lady in the next changing room to me. I cried while I tried the dress on,” Schulz wrote.

Schulz said she received similar body-shaming “everywhere” she went, and that it made her want to hide.


“It’s tough, you’re carrying a human, your body is dramatically changing, more than you ever expected and then to rub salt in it, strangers feel the need to comment every time you’re out in public,” she wrote. “Here’s a tip, don’t mention the size of a bump.”

Schulz urged people to tell pregnant women that they look beautiful ,healthy, or amazing, instead of big. She asked them to remember that all pregnancies are different, and that we shouldn’t compare baby bumps.

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