Fisker Plans On Introducing A $39,000 Plug-In Hybrid


Fisker Automotive plans on announcing a new, affordable, plug-in hybrid says Ray Lane of Kleiner Perkins.

Fisker’s current offering, the Karma, goes for $87,000. The cheaper auto will go for $39,000 according to Lane, who let the news slip at the AlwaysOn Going Green conference today. There will be a formal announcement about the car in the next few weeks.

Katie Fehrenbacher at Earth2Tech picked up on the news and wonders if it means Fisker is due for a DOE loan. In the past Henrik Fisker has said he could crank out a cheap plug-in in two years if he was given the capital to do so.

While Kleiner Perkins contributed to Fisker’s $85 million round in April, that’s not enough to get a cheaper plug-in hybrid on the road in two years. Fisker says he can get a cheaper hybrid on road, even if he’s only doing it with the profits from the Karma, but it will take longer.

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