The Mujjo Fisheye Pro Lens For Smartphones

This is the Fisheye Pro Lens from Mujjo.

Why We Love It: For many of us, our smartphone cameras have now replaced regular digital cameras in our day-to-day lives — so don’t they deserve the same high-tech accessories?

Dutch brand Mujjo has released a line of smartphone-compatible camera lenses to take fisheye images with your cell phone.

The key is attaching the metal magnetic ring around the camera of your mobile phone so that the Mujjo lens can then snap on and allow you to record or take pictures with the special effect. The lenses detach just as easily, and are compatible with iPad, Mac computers, Blackberry, iPhone, LG, Nokia, Samsung, plus just about any other phone or tablet on the market.

Mujjo Fisheye Lens


Where To Buy: Available through

Cost: $52.

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