Drudge Turns On Boehner: ‘MORE TAXES, MORE DEBT?’

Adding to a growing chorus of conservatives disappointed in House Speaker John Boehner in the negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff, Matt Drudge is leading his prominent site this morning with a banner slamming Boehner:

Drudge Boehner

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It features a picture of Boehner crying, linking to a Politico story about his “Plan B” proposal of a millionaire tax hike bill under the headline, “MORE TAXES, MORE DEBT?”Especially significant is the headline, “Debt has increased $18,944 per household under his leadership.” That is the kind of treatment Drudge usually reserves for President Barack Obama.

Conservatives have not been fond of Boehner’s various budget proposals thus far. On Monday, the conservative Club for Growth attacked the Speaker for conceding on tax-rate increases.