First, YouTube, Now McCain Trumps Obama On Search

As we’ve noted, John McCain’s campaign has indeed figured out YouTube, and he leads Barack Obama in total video views on his YouTube channel over the past month. Now, we’re told by the WSJ, the McCain camp has trumped Obama in search engine marketing.

The McCain campaign snapped up search terms like “Joe Biden” and “Biden” and refer traffic to a campaign ad where Biden talks in an earlier debate about he’d “be honored” to run on a ticket with John McCain. He’s also bought up terms like “U.S. economy” and “housing crisis,” which link to his campaign site.

Now, given the well-documented Web-savvy of the Obama campaign, any small victory from 71-year-old McCain seems newsworthy. But some perspective is in order: Obama’s campaign Web site gets more than double the traffic of McCain’s, and cumulatively, Obama has racked up 53 million YouTube channel views, to McCain’s 10 million.

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