The First ‘Star Trek’ Poster Looks Awfully Familiar

We won’t be able to see the first trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness” until “The Hobbit” comes out later this month. 

For now, Paramount has unveiled the first poster for next year’s film featuring a cut out of the Starfleet Insignia: 

star trek into darkness

[credit provider=”Paramount”]

As ominous, dark, and gritty as it looks, we can’t help but feel we’ve seen this before. 

The poster feels like a carbon cut and paste of two of Christopher Nolan’s most recent blockbuster status film one sheets: 

The Dark Knight Rises poster

[credit provider=”Warner Bros.”]

 The chiaroscuro and obvious symbolic nature of the “The Dark Knight Rises” logo is also cut out of a series of buildings. That appears coupled with the direction and stance delivered by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the “Inception” poster below.


[credit provider=”Warner Bros. “]

If you head over to the “Star Trek” site, you can see the outline of the starship enterprise crumbling and burning in the rubble similar to what the “The Dark Knight Rises” initial website did before releasing its trailer.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” comes out May 17, 2013.

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