This concept hotel suite inside a plane cabin comes with a king-size bed, drawers, and a mini sofa

Big screenSeymourpowellFirst class fliers could one day relax watching TV on a 42-inch screen in their own private room.

The London-based design and innovation firm Seymourpowell has unveiled plans for a luxury plane cabin suite that would offer first class passengers private rooms with lie-flat seats that turn into beds.

First Spaces — which we first read about on The Telegraph — has been designed to evoke “a contemporary boutique hotel” in the sky, according to a press release from the company.

Intended for Airbus A380 aircraft, the first-class section is made up of four single rooms and two double rooms. Each room comes with a bed, TV screen, a table, storage space, and a tablet to control the room’s functions. 

Seymourpowell was inspired to design the suite after speaking to passengers who said that above all they want privacy during a flight, the company’s cofounder Dick Powell told Business Insider over the phone.

Though it’s unclear if First Spaces will become a reality or how much a room would cost, Powell said the company is currently “having interesting discussions” with a number of aircraft suppliers. “It’s at least three years away from being in the air,” he said.

The concept has also been nominated for a Crystal Cabin Award at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg on April 5-7, where it’s likely to make an impression.

Take a look inside the dream cabin below.

An aerial view of the cabin shows the S-curve shape of the lobby separating six rooms. There's also a transparent galley located at the cabin's rear, allowing passengers to easily make contact with cabin crew should they need anything during their flight.


Rooms are completely private, while an intuitive Smart Inflight Service System anticipates passengers' preferences through sensors; the information is then delivered to cabin crew so they can cater specifically to fliers.


A bed in a single room is far more comfortable than your average plane seat in economy. In all rooms, there's hanging space for clothes and racks for carry-on luggage, as well as drawers for personal belongings.


Of course, the double room is the most spacious option.


When the seats aren't fully reclined, there's even a mini sofa for socialising.


And once the seats are laid flat, they turn into a comfy king-size bed -- as you would expect from a stay at a 5-star hotel.


Double rooms also come with a 42-inch screen -- certainly an upgrade from the tiny box on the back of someone else's seat.


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