First Soho House In Asia To Open In Mumbai

Soho House

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Luxury private club, Soho House is well frequented by the rich, the famous and the creative in both America and Europe. Expanding its reach, the club is allegedly ready to make its mark on the Mumbai social scene. Majority owner, Richard Caring has got his hands on a beach side property in the heart of the city, Juhu.The opening is slotted for sometime early next year but all details besides that are being kept under wraps.

Founded in 1995, Soho house currently has 17,000 members and five clubs in Britain, one in Berlin and three in America. Looking for international expansion, Caring also plans on exploring the possibilities in Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Milan.

Although Mumbai has a history of private clubs, the ones that exist today are stark opposites of Soho House. What creates a good chance that the Soho House will be successful is the fact that the city is congested and lacks open spaces and enough clubs.

Soho House intends on attracting the crème de la crème from all the creative fields in the country. Membership is known to be notoriously hard to get. So we don’t know how you can join yet, but we do know that even Samantha Jones couldn’t pull enough strings to get in.

What is Soho House?

Founded in London, it is a private recreational club for those in film, media and creative industries with amenities like bedrooms, restaurants, pools, kitchens, tennis courts, spas and more spanning across Europe, UK, and USA.

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