FIRST LOOK: Facebook's Search Ads Vastly Outperform Display Ads

Facebook sponsored results searchHow the new search ads look.

Photo: Facebook

Facebook’s new search ad product, “Sponsored Results,” are much cheaper and much more effective than its regular “Marketplace” ads, according to data from Nanigans, the Facebook media management company.Sponsored Results have a higher click-through rate and a lower cost-per-click than display ads, Nanigans found. The new search ad product was launched last week.

Here are Nanigans’ findings thus far:

  • Sponsored Results CTRs: 23 times Higher
  • Sponsored Results CPCs: 78% Lower
  • Sponsored Results App Install Rates: 14% Higher

The new search ads come as Facebook continues to roll out new ad products, seemingly every week. In New Zealand, the social network appears to be testing big, intrusive display ads of the type commonly used by non-social media publishers.

Disclosure: The authors owns 30 shares of Facebook stock.


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