Meet The Pebble Smartwatch Everyone Went Nuts For At CES

Pebble smartwatch ces 2013

Photo: Kevin Smith/Business Insider

The Pebble smartwatch will begin shipping Jan. 23.Before you can get your hands on it, take a look at this photos that show off the devices design.

In case you aren’t familiar, Pebble is a smartwatch that syncs with your smartphone to display text messages, Facebook statuses, email notifications, and of course the time.

The idea is to show you what’s happening on your smartphone so you don’t have to pull it out of your pocket or bag whenever you get a new email or something.

You can pre-order one of your own straight from Pebble for $150.

The Pebble smartwatch will ship starting Jan. 23. It is available in 5 colours. The red and white models are missing from this photo. The clear version is just a prototype.

The Pebble uses an e-ink display which makes it visible in direct sunlight.

There is one button on the left directly above the magnetic charging port and three buttons on the right. This is what you use to cycle through menus on the watch.

The watch features various faces that can be changed to suit your personality.

It was very comfortable on the wrist.

Here's another view of a few different faces.

This is what the charger looks like. (Please excuse the blurry photo!)

We were very impressed that the charger is magnetic. The reason the company went with this type of charger is because it allows the smartwatch to remain water-resistant. Plus it doesn't place a gaping hole on the side of the device.

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