The Features In Adobe Acrobat X You Should Be Excited About

Adobe X BoxPacked with features perfect for business.

Photo: Adobe

We had a demonstration of Adobe Acrobat X today. The software gives you full control over creating and editing PDF documents along with tools to make sharing and collaborating on Microsoft Office projects easier.It’s currently in beta, which we’ll have hands on impressions for soon. For now, here are the features you should be excited about:

  • SendNow allows you to e-mail large groups of files without worrying about exceeding your company’s attachment limit. Select any file (Not just PDFs) and Adobe X will provide a link where your recipients can download or view the documents from
  • Paper to Digital sports enhanced features for converting your scans to PDF. Adobe will automatically detect which colour mode to import your document with. Improved optical character recognition will make text searchable. It can even detect columns of text. Nice.
  • Document Comparison lets you import multiple versions of the same PDF and automatically points out the differences so you can sign off on changes. You can also import Word and Powerpoint files for comparison.
  • Convert web pages to PDF with one click from Explorer or Firefox. (Why aren’t there Safari or Chrome extensions?)

Adobe X Pro will be available on Dec. 1 and will cost $299 for the full version and $199 to upgrade. You can pre order now.

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