Here’s The First Tablet Magazine That Will Run On iPad And Android

aside magazine

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Aside Magazine is a brand new entertainment magazine from Germany, but it’s also the first full HTML 5 magazine ever made.At least for the time being, the content of the magazine is a lot less important than the medium in which it’s delivered.

HTML 5 is a brand new open platform that more and more browsers are starting to take full advantage of.

It bridges the gap between platforms like Android and iOS, allowing developers to only develop one HTML 5 website for both platforms to use.

Yet, unlike the current web, HTML 5 web pages offer native-app-like features such as greater amounts of interactivity, embedded maps, and in-line video.

Built by Berliners Nico Engelhardt and Johannes Ippen, Aside is still in Beta but serves as an amazing concept-demo of how much you can do with HTML 5. All without having to go through messy App Store approval processes.

We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but MacStories’ Federico Viticci says that there are some performance issues. 

Either way, the magazine throws out a fresh take on cross-platform digital media, and we’re excited to see where it’s heading.

HTML 5 may never kill native apps (just read this article, despite the headline), but cross-platform digital content is the future. No App Store guidelines to follow, and no subscription fees to abide by.

See the video below for the HTML 5 website in action:

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aside magazine Trailer from aside magazine on Vimeo.