This mesmerising fireworks time-lapse is going viral -- but it's not from this year

Americans celebrated the 4th of July by releasing fireworks into the night sky  — and taking copious photos and videos of the colourful explosions.

Firework photography can be hit-or-miss, but Kevin Greene, a photographer in Los Angeles, captured a spectacular time-lapse of fireworks in his city in 2016.

Greene’s video is so fun to watch, in fact, that it’s now going viral despite being a year old.

Green explained on Reddit that he shot the 800-frame time-lapse over the course of an hour using a free photo-editing program called Starstax. To get a full view of the fireworks, he situated his camera on the 715-foot-tall Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, located west of downtown LA.

Other photographers experimented with using cameras attached to drones to take photography of fireworks this year.

You can watch Greene’s full minute-long time-lapse below:

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