There's A Massive Fire Raging At Libya's Largest Oil Port, And The Images Are Unbelievable

A massive fire is continuing to rage in Libya’s largest port after a rocket fired by Islamist rebels hit an oil storage container. 

The fire, which started on December 25, spread to six separate containers over the course of last week.

The conflagration started after Islamist militias loyal to one of the two competing governments in Liby, attempted to seize control of the Es Sider Port, the largest oil port in the country. 

Libya has had two rival governments since August, when the internationally recognised Prime Minister and his parliament were forced to flee to eastern Libya after an Islamist-led uprising took control of Tripoli and the west of the country. The two rival political groups and a host of other factions have been locked in violent conflict since. 

The fires at the Es Sider Port started on Dec. 25 after an Islamist rocket attack struck an oil tank. 

The fires quickly spread to a total of six tanks, although Libyan firefighters have managed to extinguish three of the six fires. 

Libya estimates that it lost about 850,000 barrels of oil due to the fire. The country produced 580,000 barrels a day in November, according to Bloomberg. 

This was Islamist militias’ second attempt to capture the port. The rebels failed to gain control of the oil port during a Dec. 13 assault. 

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