BMW Owner In Boston Learns The Hard Way Not To Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant

The owner of a BMW 3-Series Coupe parked illegally in front of a fire hydrant last week. Sadly, the man’s gamble didn’t pay off, and his Bimmer suffered the consequences.

When Boston firefighters responded to an 8-alarm fire across the street from the parked car that evening, they broke through the car’s front windows to get access to the hydrant’s water and ran the hose through.

Local news station WCVB reports that the driver, who lives in the neighbourhood, will be slapped with a $US100 parking ticket. The fire originated in the engine compartment of an SUV across the street and spread to nearby houses, displacing 30 people.

The ultimate lesson from this story is: Don’t park in front of fire hydrants!

Here’s some footage of the aftermath, from Good Morning America.

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