People can't get enough of this 'hot firefighter' debunking conspiracy theories on TikTok

@wildlandmike/TikTok@wildlandmike posted a viral video that has been viewed millions of times on TikTok and Twitter.
  • A viral TikTok shows a firefighter debunking conspiracy theories about the fires currently ravaging the West Coast.
  • The video has amassed hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok, and millions on Twitter.
  • There are currently over 85 fires affecting areas on the West Coast, and at least 35 people have been killed.
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A video that seemingly shows a firefighter debunking conspiracy theories related to the West Coast fires is going viral on TikTok and Twitter.

@wildlandmike, who has approximately 12,000 followers on TikTok, posted a video on Tikok in which he point-by-point refutes another video that floats a number of theories about the fires currently raging on the West Coast.

The original video that @wildlandmike is responding to was posted by TikTok user @cierra_mistt, who has approximatley 2.6 million followers on the app. @cierra_mistt confirmed to Insider that the video was hers and provided a screenshot showing that it had been removed by TikTok for a Community Guideline violation. She said that she posted it saying that she wanted someone to debunk the theories for her.

“There are a lot of fires going on right now in our country,” @cierra_mistt says early in the video.

“Uh-huh,” @wildlandmike says.

“But was it planned?” the woman says.

“No,” @wildlandmike responds.

@wildlandmikeOriginal duet got taken down… ##wildfire##califire##conspiracy

loriginal sound – wildlandmike

There are currently more than 85 fires affecting areas on the West Coast, ranging from Northern Washington to Southern California, that have killed at least 35 people. The California August Complex Fire is now the biggest fire in California state history, burning over 755,600 acres. Smoke from the fires is turning skies orange on the West Coast, and reaching across the continent and even as far as the Netherlands.

Throughout the video, @wildlandmike addresses other claims, such as fires stopping at the US/Canada border — “That’s a US database map you’re looking at, not gonna be reporting Canada fires,” @wildlandmike says.

In one part of the video, @cierra_mistt claims that there are “bio-hazard signs all over the place” in a location “about 40 minutes from Grand Canyon National Park.”

“That’s literally not there,” @wildlandmike says. “I’ve worked there, it even looks edited. Come on, guys.”

In the caption of the video, @wildlandmike says that the original duet was taken down. This version, presumably a re-upload, has amassed approximately 211,000 likes and over 900,000 views since it was posted a day ago, and spread to other social media platforms as well.

On Twitter, a repost of @wildlandmike’s video from @crez_guez has amassed over 4 million views. People have been plenty forthcoming with praise for the video itself; others also commented on @wildlandmike’s appearance.

“This video of a hot firefighter debunking right wing conspiracy theories? Better than porn,” @sbstryker wrote in a tweet including the video.

“every day we should have a different hot firefighter calling out a conspiracy theory, I’ll leave the logistics to you all I’m just the idea man,” @nicsigni wrote in a tweet.

Others took part in attempting to debunk the original video as well, with one user pointing out the similarities in the radiation safety sign displayed in the original video and a location near Chernobyl.

In the time since the original video went viral, @wildlandmike has already debunked another conspiracy theory video about the wildfires. He did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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