Here is the formal complaint the fired engineer is making against Google, claiming his rights were violated

Former Google engineer James Damore has indeed filed a complaint against parent company Alphabet with the National Labour Relations Board, and now we know more about it.

Damore was fired earlier this week after his 10-page document went viral. In it he described his thoughts on Google’s efforts to hire more women, and argues that biology is at least in part to blame for the lack of women in tech and leadership roles, rather than sexism. The memo also makes claims about the ways liberals and conservatives think, implying that conservatives viewpoints were being shunned among the left-leaning populous of the company.

His firing set off a firestorm as well, with some people arguing that Damore’s freedom of speech was being violated. 

According to a copy of the complaint, first obtained by Gizmodo, Damore is alleging that his employer has violated “section 7” of the National Labour Relations Act,  which ensures “protected concerted activities.”

Section 7 is intended to protect employees who engage in unionizing activity. But his lawyers are alleging it applies in this case as well. The gist of the complaint reads:

“Since on or about August 2, 2017, the above-named employer has interfered with, restrained, and coerced employees in the exercise of rights protected by Section 7 of the Act by threatening employees because of their protected concerted activities and by making threats of unspecified reprisals against employees because of their protected concerted activities.”

US Labour Complaint (Redacted) by Dell Cameron on Scribd

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