Fired For Online Activity, This Reddit User Turned Around And Sued The Pants Off His Boss

reddit atheism

A contributor to Reddit’s atheism section was confronted by his boss with a 500-page dossier of his online activity and fired him.

That employers can fire you for online activity is a cause of anxiety for everyone these days.

But sometimes you can turn around and sue your employer for discrimination, as happened in this case:

My then ex-company tried to settle outside of court. Most likely because they realised they uber-fucked up. They tried to play it off as my co-workers not feeling “safe” around me. I refused to settle and began burning up my savings on lawyer and court fees. 11 months later, after tons of deliberations, court dates, conference calls, recordings, etc. The court ruled in favour of me. I will be compensated very nicely and all my lawyer fees will be paid for by my ex company. Just in the nick of time for my birthday tomorrow.

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