Fired Employee: Microsoft Is A Stupefyingly Dull Place To Work

Max ZografosMax Zografos

Photo: Max Zografos

It’s become fashionable these days to leave (or get fired from) Microsoft and then write a tell-all blog about how crummy the Microsoft culture is.The latest is from Max Zachariades, who spent five years as a Microsoft EMEA Business Manager, before he was shown the door, he explained in a blog on TechCrunch. (Zachariades writes under the pen name Max Zografos.)

He was fired, he says, because he complained about too many meetings, he said:

“Microsoft culture expects you to be in meetings. Calendars need to be decorated with sufficient colourful blocks, to signal over-activity. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll realise that Microsoft meetings are a way to diffuse and evade responsibility for decisions. Yes – let’s spend weeks on weeks ‘reviewing with stakeholders.’ It’s so much safer that taking swift decisions ourselves. The company places no trust on the individual to make the right decision on their own.”

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