3-Year-Old Left Brain Damaged After Dentist Allegedly Gave Her Too Much Anesthesia

The parents of a 3-year-old girl plan to sue a dentist who allegedly gave their daughter excessive anesthesia and sedatives that caused irreparable brain damage, KFVE in Hawaii

Finley Boyle was taken to Island Dentistry in Hawaii for a pediatric root canal last week. Now, she might never be able to walk or feed herself again because she was given too many drugs before the procedure, her mother Ashley told KFVE.

During the procedure, Finley reportedly went into cardiac arrest and her brain was deprived of oxygen.

A Facebook page that the family has set up for Finley says that she was given the maximum dosage of sedatives. The Boyle’s attorney, Richard Fried, told KFVE that he and the family are shocked that “these drugs, in these doses, in this combination, could be given to a child of this size.”

Finley is now “fighting for her life” in a pediatric intensive care unit in Hawaii, according to the Fundly page the family set up to seek donations.

The dentist who performed the surgery, Dr. Lilly Geyer, hasn’t had any complaints filed against her in the past, according to Hawaii News Now.

Finley’s parents are holding out hope for her recovery. Her mother Ashley described the toddler to KFVE: “Just sociable, really loved people. Just a really good kid.”

We left a message with Island Dentistry and will update this post if we hear back.

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