After Big Blows To Sarkozy And Merkel, Here's Who's In Trouble Next In Europe

They were minor regional elections, but both Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel were dealt big defeats in regional elections this weekend.

The implications for broader Europe are significant. A weakening political hand at home makes it harder for these leaders to go along with expansive bailout mechanisms for broader Europe. That’s especially the case with Merkel.

Don’t take your eye off Finland.

Via Citigroup, here’s a look at the latest opinion polling in the Finnish election scheduled for April 17.


Photo: Citi

You can take a wild guess whether a party called the True Finns is going to be pro-bailout or not (hint, they won’t be. You can read about their sance here). Granted, they’re still tiny, but for a party that was under 5% of support just a few years ago, any solid showing will freak out the current government.

As for other big political events on the horizon, see here:


Photo: Citi

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