This robot monkey that attaches to your finger and sings when you clap is set to become the hottest toy this holiday

FingerlingsFacebook/FingerlingsFingerlings are set to become a very popular toy this holiday season.

Who wouldn’t want a colourful little robot pet monkey to play with?

Fingerlings, a set of six different plastic monkeys made by WowWee, is set to become the hottest toy this holiday season.

The figurines are interactive, and make sounds when you touch their heads or pet them. They can also grab onto fingers, play sets, and ordinary household objects. They even sing if you clap your hands twice.

Each monkey is sold separately for $US15 each, and they’re already flying off the shelves and selling for more than that on marketplaces on, Amazon, and Ebay.

Retailers and experts alike are predicting the toy will be in high demand throughout the holiday season, possibly becoming this year’s Hatchimals-like must-have toy.

“It’s brand new this year and it seems to be flying off the shelves,” Juli Lennett, toy industry analyst at NPD Group told CNN Money. “I think that could potentially be one of the top toys for the holiday season.”

The toy is on every retailer’s hot products list, including Walmart, Amazon, and Toys R Us.

Some retailers are trotting out exclusives of the popular toy, with Amazon having glittery versions released in November, and Target with its own exclusive monkey named “Liv.”

Fingerlings follow along with the same toy trends that saw Hatchimals become very popular last year: They’re interactive, collectible, and cheap enough to encourage multiple purchases.

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