A woman on TikTok says she found a hack for finding the perfect pair of jeans without trying them on

Billie Newland’s hack for finding the perfect pair of jeans has gone viral on TikTok. @billiexnewland/TikTok
  • Billie Newland shared a hack on TikTok for how to find your perfect pair of jeans without trying them on in the store.
  • Newland’s trick involves putting your forearm inside the waistband of your jeans. She says if it’s a perfect fit from your elbow to your wrist, then your jeans should also fit when you try them on.
  • Newland told Insider that she discovered the hack on accident while she was doing laundry.
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Finding the perfect pair of jeans might have just gotten easier thanks to Billie Newland’s viral TikTok video.

In March, the 25-year-old Iowa native shared a hack that involves using your forearm to determine your perfect size without ever trying the jeans on. In the video, Newland says to measure the waistband using the length of your forearm from your elbow to your wrist. If your arm fits snugly inside the waistband, then Newland says you’ve found your perfect pair.

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Newland told Insider she discovered the hack while doing laundry

“I was folding my jeans when my elbow actually got caught in the waistband, and then I realised my elbow to wrist fit in the band, so I thought it could either be a coincidence or might actually mean something,” she said. “I tried the elbow to wrist trick on a bigger pair I had just washed and there was more of a gap, so I thought maybe I could be onto something.”

Newland said she asked her father, boyfriend, and friends to put her trick to the ultimate test, and they all found that it worked. Her hack has also gone viral, with the TikTok video having over 1.6 million views at the time of writing.

The measuring hack has come in handy for Newland, as she likes to avoid dressing rooms when she goes shopping. She said it can also be used to find the perfect shorts and skirts, as well as any kind of pants.

“When I shop now and I’m confused about a brand or my size, I will definitely use it because I get an answer right then and there without having to take it home and try it on or try it on in the store,” she said.

Newland’s TikTok is full of fun hacks and DIY projects, including how to make a mesh crop top or how to make your oversized pants fit again

One video that Newland turns to often is all about how to make heels more comfortable.

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“Those are hacks that I use for most of my shoes because I have really bad feet,” she said. “Everybody knows heels hurt sometimes, so if you can ever make them feel less painful, it’s always a good thing.”

She also said everyone should try out her hack for using a bobby pin to put on a bracelet.

“I hated wearing bracelets for the longest time because I could never get them on,” Newland said. “It seriously comes in handy because everybody has those things lying around. You can do it with necklaces and anklets as well.”

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Coming up with different hacks and DIY projects is something that Newland lives for. She went to school for fashion marketing and design, and that’s where she learned how to sew and how to work with different fabrics.

Newland said she usually comes up with new tips and tricks when she starts pulling things from her closet as she’s standing in front of the mirror.

“Honestly it kind of keeps me up at night,” she told Insider. “I’m always trying to think of new things to the point where it’s probably a little bit insane. I’ve always loved doing stuff that can serve another purpose.”

She also said she loves taking requests from her followers on new tricks they want to see or DIYs they need help with.

“I’m just an open textbook and I always welcome people saying hi and asking me to do stuff for them because that’s what really makes me get up in the morning,” she said.