5 Easter eggs you probably missed that are hidden in 'Finding Dory'

It’s no secret Pixar loves hiding Easter eggs in its movies.

“Finding Dory” co-director Andrew Stanton told INSIDER animators sometimes the hidden messages and movie references in their movies because they get bored.

For the release of the sequel on Blu-ray and DVD, Disney and Pixar sent over a few Easter eggs you may have missed during your first watch. From a cleverly hidden Captain America shield to an “Inside Out” character, keep reading to see what references you missed.

The licence plate on the truck near the end of the movie reads A113, a popular Easter egg that can be found in most Pixar movies.

The film's sets art director Don Shank is visible on the truck's grill.

A113 is a nod to the CalArts first-year graphic design and character animation classroom where many artists and animators at Pixar studied. You can read more about it here.

Inside the truck, the horn is made in the shape of Captain America's shield.


Together, Rudder and Fluke also have A113 on their Marine Life Institute tags.


The registration number for the boat that grabs Dory outside the Marine Life Institute is PA1200. That's short for Pixar's address: 1200 Park Avenue.


Let's see if you can spot this one. There's a character from 'Inside Out' -- another Pixar movie -- hiding out in this group of children.


Back there is Riley, the main character from 'Inside Out.'


She had trouble adjusting after her family moved to San Francisco. It looks like she's doing a bit better now.


Bonus: You can spot the dentist's niece Darla from 'Finding Nemo' in the background when Dory first arrives at the Marine Life Institute.


Here's a close up of the image.


Pixar released an image with the Easter egg in it a while back. You can read more about it here from when we first wrote about it in June.

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