Here Are Some Quick Tricks That'll Make Navigating Your Mac Super Easy


For all the time Mac users spend staring at Finder windows, not enough people seem to know that there are lots of customisable options available for it.

Here are our favourites from this list by Addictive Tips, along with one of our own.

View the file path

If you have trouble remembering where a file or document is stored on your computer, you can tweak the Finder to show you which folders it's buried in.

While Finder is the active window, open the 'View' drop-down menu and select 'Show Path Bar.'

See the number of items and the total spare hard disk space

Need a quick way to see how much space you have left on your Mac?

Also inside the 'View' menu, you can turn on the status bar, showing the number of items in a folder and the free drive space you have available.

Change the default folder that the Finder opens to

Out of the box, your Finder opens to 'All My Files.' If you'd rather have it open to a different location, open Preferences from the 'Finder' drop-down menu. Under 'General' is a menu for you to select a new default location.

Change the sidebar icon size

If you want to make icons in the Finder's sidebar more or less prominent, you can change the size in System Preferences. Under the 'General' menu, you can change sizes around with the 'Sidebar icon size' menu.

Is your 'Open With' menu bloated? Start from scratch by navigating to Home > Library > Preferences. Find the file called '' and delete it.

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