Find Out How OMGPop Hit One Million Downloads In 10 Days

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Would-be acquirers are reportedly lining up to buy OMGPop, a game-making startup whose latest app, Draw Something, catapulted to one million downloads in 10 days in January. Then it hit five million downloads two weeks later, and clocked in at 30 million as of today.How did the game grow so fast? And how is OMGPop CEO Dan Porter handling the mega-boom in users and attention? You can find out at Startup 2012, Business Insider’s conference on entrepreneurship and business-plan competition, where Porter is speaking. At the event, taking place May 3 in New York, startup CEOs and founders share real stories and hard-won insight on the art and science of company-building. Here are some other cool speakers:

  • Jason Goldberg, Co-founder & CEO,
  • Ben Milne, Founder & CEO, Dwolla
  • Philip James, Founder & CEO, Lot18
  • Alex Himel, Engineering Manager, Facebook
  • Brad Hargreaves, Co-founder, General
  • David Tisch, Managing Director, TechStars NYC
  • See the full list here!

Go here to reserve your ticket. There’s a special startup rate, too.

Or, if you think you have what it takes to stand out among the best entrepreneurs in NYC and beyond, now is your chance. Apply for the Startup business-plan competition, whose finalists present at Startup onstage.

From hundreds of applicants, a panel of VC judges will winnow the list down to six, who withstand the judges’ grilling. One lucky winner will come out on top by a vote of the judges and the crowd. Even more valuable than the cash investment is the exposure and networking opportunities you’ll receive if you’re chosen as one of the finalists. The deadline is March 30, so apply now!

You can follow @BI_events for updates and discounts. See you in May!

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