Here's The More Serious iPhone Security Problem Facing Many Users

ellis hamburger find iphone

The Siri “security flaw” everyone is reporting this morning is getting people pretty worried about iPhone security.

It’s a big issue that when you expect your iPhone to be passcode secure, anyone can access even basic functions of the phone.

It’s an even bigger issue that many people still┬ádon’t know how to use the iPhone’s remote wipe feature.

We asked around the mostly tech-savvy office staff at Business Insider, and most were clueless.

If your iPhone gets stolen or lost, passcode-locked or not, you must know how to wipe it to protect your personal data.

Here’s our guide.

First, open up your iPhone and make sure Find My iPhone is enabled inside your Settings app, then the iCloud tab.

Once that's set up, go to and sign in using the AppleID you use on your iPhone.

Click Find My iPhone.

Soon, Find My iPhone should find your iPhone, showing you exactly where it is on a map.

Click Send Message to offer a reward for your iPhone if you think a random person might've picked it up.

Here's how the message looks on the lost iPhone's screen.

Lastly, download Find My iPhone from the App Store. This app can't help you, but if a friend ever loses his or her iPhone, you'll be a lifesaver.

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