Less than 1% of people get a perfect score on this brainteaser. Can you spot the hidden shapes in these images?

Courtesy of LenstoreHow many triangles do you see in this shape?
  • Lenstore created a brainteaser that challenges users to find hidden shapes in larger designs.
  • On average, most people get two to three out of 10 questions correct, according to Lenstore.
  • Only .6% of people got a perfect score on the brainteaser.
  • The eye-care company found that people who are 55 and older had a more difficult time solving this brainteaser.
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For most, spotting different shapes can be rudimentary, but this brainteaser will have you second-guessing everything.

Lenstore created a brainteaser that challenges users to figure out how many shapes are in each image. Sounds easy, right? Well, less than 1% of people earned a perfect score on the 10-question quiz, according to Lenstore.

Think you can do better? Give it a try below.

After testing 1,000 participants, Lenstore found that most people got two to three questions correct. Meanwhile, 10.6% of people got five answers right and only .6% of people got a perfect score.

Turns out, your age greatly influences how you perform on this brainteaser. For most participants surveyed, the older they were, the worst they scored on the test. For example, 40% of 18 to 24 year olds got an average score, while only 27% of 55 and older people earned the same average score.

How does your score stack up against the rest?

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