A puzzle challenges you to find the gold coin hidden among piggy banks in under 15 seconds — see how fast you can find it

Courtesy of RaisinA gold coin is hidden in this puzzle.
  • Raisin, a savings comparison site, is challenging readers to find the gold coin hidden among a sea of piggy banks.
  • On average, it takes someone 15 seconds to find the gold coin, but the fastest recorded time is six seconds.
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If you’ve ever searched for change under the couch cushion, you may enjoy a new puzzle that challenges readers to find a hidden gold coin.

Raisin, a savings comparison site, created a brainteaser that shows a sea of piggy banks hiding a gold coin. The company said the fastest person found the coin in six seconds, but the average person takes 15 seconds.

Think you can do better? Try to find the gold coin below.

Piggy bank brainteaserCourtesy of RaisinWhere is the gold coin hiding?

Have you found the gold coin yet?

If you look closely, you may be able to find it.

Where could the gold coin be hiding?

Do you need a hint?

There’s a dollar sign on the coin.

Give up?

Keep scrolling to find the answer below.

Piggy bank brainteaerCourtesy of RaisinThe gold coin is circled in red.

This tricky puzzle hid the gold coin behind the piggy banks, making the coin blend in with the background.

If you didn’t find the gold coin in under 15 seconds, there’s plenty of other puzzles and brainteasers that you can try.

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