Financial planners share their best advice to help you start growing your wealth

Financial planners see it all.

Not only do they get an inside look into their clients’ spending, saving, earnings, and investments, but they can see past the numbers to the people behind them: their clients’ ambitions, fears, priorities … and where they need some help.

Below, eight certified financial planners answer the question,”What’s your favourite, go-to piece of advice to help people start growing their wealth?”

Putnam Investments
Solari shares the above chart, which shows that 'how much you save is much more important than what you're investing in.'

'I always tell clients that investing should be easy and boring at the same time. The more complex and the more active you are can get you into trouble.

'Investors are their own worst enemy when they let their emotions make decisions for them. How much you save is much more important than what you're investing in.'

-- Michael Solari, CFP, Solari Financial Planning

Find a balance between what you love and what will pay the bills.

'Really focus on figuring out what drives you, and what you want from your life. Too often we get caught up trying to make a bunch of money, and end up completely miserable.

'Finding a balance between what you love, and what will pay the bills, is the ultimate challenge but one that is incredibly important. Once you find your passion, figure out how you can improve yourself to earn more money, provide more flexibility for yourself, and ultimately live your great life.'

-- Alan Moore, CFP, Serenity Financial Consulting

If you need a hand, ask a professional to help.

'My advice is rooted deeply in my financial beliefs.

'I believe two things to be almost universally true: One, that is almost impossible to be unemotional about our own finances. The second is that it is our direction and planning, not our intention and hopes, that ultimately determines our destination and purpose in any area of financial life.

'I serve my clients in helping them to objectively assess where they are actually headed financially, and how that relates to their investment and tax planning goals. My advice is simple: Work with a qualified financial professional to help achieve your financial goals.'

-- Jordan Niefeld, CPA, CFP, Raymond James Financial

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