Financial Planners Are Starting To Offer Some Creative Services To Keep Their Clients

Moving House Van

Photo: mtsofan / Flickr

It’s true, times are tough.Investors are looking everywhere for places to keep their money safely, and if a financial planner can’t do it for them, well… it’s goodbye.

That’s why, the Wall Street Journal reports, financial planners are offering customers some uncharacteristic services in order to keep them and deserve their sometimes hefty commissions.

From the WSJ:

To differentiate themselves, win referrals and foster loyalty, some planners are offering a range of perks. Advisers nowadays accompany clients while house-hunting, line up movers and remodelers, sift through college financial-aid packages, teach adult children how to manage their money, procure pets, join clients on cruises and even arrange doctors’ appointments.

One advisor described his form as a “Chinese menu” of sorts, where customers could chose from a wide range of services — even negotiating big ticket item purchases (like cars, for example) for clients.

That said, this all may be a very good idea. The Wall Street Journal reports that in a yet-to-be-released survey of 18,000 households with $100,000+ to invest, 21% said they were considering switching their financial advisors next year.

So, do you need a babysitter? Call your financial planner.

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