Most Advisors Suffered From PTSD After The Financial Crisis

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A New Study Finds That Most Advisors That Practiced In 2008 Suffer From PTSD (Investment News)

A new paper from by Bradley Klontz and Sonya Britt of Kansas State University says that most financial advisors from 2008 suffer from post-traumatic stress.

“93% of the 56 planners they surveyed bore psychological symptoms consistent with medium to high levels of post-traumatic stress, and 39% experienced severe stress on the level of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

In Investing, It’s Important To Be Different (Advisor Perspectives)

Francois Sicart of Tocqueville Asset Management is very wary of investment myths. To differentiate from the crowd he says everyone should 1. Be cautious of theories that “catch the imagination of the investing crowd,” including the contributions of respected theoreticians to investment science. 2. Statistics should be used carefully too. Investors should make sure the data is looked at over longer periods of time and that “outperformance is rarely smooth.”. 3. Even though “crowds” are vary of volatility there are many opportunities to be found in it. 4. In seeking opportunities in volatility be cautious, and distinguish between “momentum and contrarian.”

The S&P 500 Is Not The U.S. Economy (Goldman Sachs)

The S&P 500 and the U.S. economy are not the same thing. So, even as the U.S. economy trudges along, the stock market has been ripping higher. This is because of the significant global exposure of the companies that make up the S&P 500.

stocks foreign revenue

Larry Fink Thinks Longevity Is The Defining Challenge Of Our Age (Advisor One)

BlackRock’s Investor Pulse Survey showed that most investors are anxious about their finances in retirement. 62% of those polled said “they are concerned about having enough income from investments to live comfortably in retirement and 54 per cent agreed that ‘I’m worried about outliving my savings.'” 

Speaking at NYU’s Stern School of Business BlackRock’s Larry Fink said, “longevity is the defining challenge of our age,” and added, “a systemic crisis that is threatening not only retirement systems but also our economic futures.”

Bill Gross Has Called The End Of The 30-Year Bull Market In Bonds (Business Insider)

Bond guru Bill Gross has called the end of the 30-year bond bull market. In a tweet he said, the bull market in bonds ended on April 29, 2013.

30-year secular bond bull market

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