6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Trader

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6 Things Traders Need To Do To Improve Their Consistency (The Kirk Report)

Traders should focus on consistency. To do this, Charles E. Kirk writes that traders need to do six key things. 1. “Have a consistent daily routine.” 2. “Adopt and maintain a consistent strategy.” 3. “Simplify, simplify and simplify more.” 4. “Track what you do everyday.” 5. “Flowchart everything.” 6. “Set your rules and follow the rules.”

Leon Cooperman: ‘Everyone Is Moving Up The Risk Curve’ (Barron’s)

Investors have been chasing yield for some time. Leon Cooperman and Steve Einhorn of Omega Advisors told Barron’s that investors are moving up the risk curve. 

What are you seeing as far as investors looking for more yield?
Cooperman: Everyone is in the process of moving up the risk curve. We have an investor who put all of his money in T-bills when he retired, because he didn’t want duration risk or credit risk. So for the guy who bought T-bills, he can’t get any return anymore, so he migrated to T-bonds. The guy who bought T-bonds has migrated into industrial credits. The buyers of industrial credits have migrated into high yield. The high-yield buyers have migrated into structured credit, where we are now in our credit exposure at Omega, and the structured-credit people are increasingly looking at equities. So everybody is moving up the risk curve.

That helps equities, no doubt?
Einhorn: There is no effective alternative to common stocks and people are getting fatigued sitting on cash earning zero and bonds, which have such unattractive returns.

In Just Two Charts, You’ll Understand Why Gold Is Crashing (Credit Suisse)

Gold prices have been taking a hit since April. This is because of 1. A decline in risks from Europe which is proxied by charts showing declining yields on Spanish and Italian 10-year notes, and 2. Normalizing interest rates in the U.S.


69% Of Global Investors Think Income Investing Is A Priority (Advisor Perspectives)

Legg Mason’s survey of “affluent investors” in North America, Europe and Asia showed that income is a priority for global investors. 69% of global investors said that “that investing in income generating products is an extremely important or important priority. Another 23% say it is at least somewhat important.” 80% of investors said they wanted to know more about income investing.

Doug Kass: Here Are My 31 favourite Books On Investing (Business Insider)

Doug Kass gave us his 31 favourite books on investing. Byron Wein called the reading list “terrific.” Some of the titles include 1. “The Most Important Thing” by Howard Marks. 2. “The Money Game” by Adam Smith. 3. “It’s Earnings That Count” by Hewitt Heiserman, Jr. 4. “Bailout Nation” by Barry Ritholtz. 5. “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis.

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