Finally, Paulson's Gold Fund Is Up

johnpaulson glasses tbi

Did Paulson just start killing it again? It seems the big surge in gold has helped him out big time.

Reports of mediocre returns this year had some wondering whether Paulson was a one-hit wonder or whether his AUM had grown too big to manage profitably. Well, the growth in his returns last month should quell some of those rumours for now.

Here are Paulson’s fund’s recent returns, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

  • Recovery fund (invests in financial institutions that need new capital): 6.83% in April; 25% YTD
  • Gold fund: 10% in April; 4% YTD (Finally! But remember his housing bet took a while to pay off too.)
  • Advantage fund: 6% YTD
  • Event-arbitrage funds: 10% YTD

Solid returns should also stem some of the negative press Paulson received (undeservedly) because of his connection to the SEC fraud charges against Goldman.

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