FINALLY: Business Insider Is Launching Its Careers Vertical!

Vivian Giang
This is me in front of our nation’s capitol

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Welcome to the latest addition to Business Insider, a vertical devoted entirely to Careers.We already cover business strategy on War Room, and now we’re focusing on what YOU need to do personally to make it in this competitive economy.

We’ll provide you with advice from top career experts and offer first-hand accounts about what it’s like to have a specific job—such as being a member of the Teach For America Corps—or to launch a company.

We’ll reveal the psychology behind success at work, like how to become a charismatic leader and be more innovative, as well as résumé and interviewing tips. We’ll also keep a sharp eye out for the latest studies and research to help you stay at the top of your professional game. Our single goal is to provide you with a blueprint for success.

I’m Vivian Giang, and I’ll be your guide to everything career-related. Drop me a line with story ideas at [email protected] and be sure to follow us on Twitter @BI_Careers.