Finally A Government Minister Did A Good Job Of Defending Budget Changes

It had to happen eventually and although it is surprising, it has taken two weeks for a Government minister to finally make a solid fist of defending and explaining the Budget’s changes.

Unsurprisingly, it was the unflappable Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews who did a great job on Lateline last night of discussing the why and the where of the changes to family payments and those applicable to young unemployed benefits.

When asked about a 10% hit to income of a single mother of two against someone on $180,000 who “loses nothing” Andrews said:

Well, you have got to put in this context. Somebody earning $180,000 is already paying about $60,000 or more in income tax and on top of that they will pay an extra two per cent levy.

He went on to explain the benefit that the single mother still receives and no matter what your politics and agreement or disagreement with the Government’s budget, Andrews, unlike many of his colleagues, was calm throughout. Wherever Lateline host Emma Alberici turned the discussion, Andrews had an answer.

On the question of young people having to move for work, Andrews said he was one of those kids without a job, out of home and who had to move.

It’s a long interview and a wide-ranging one, but the government might just have found its secret budget selling weapon.

You can watch the video here

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