Finally, A Club Where Tall People Can See Eye-To-Eye With Their Peers

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Photo: Tony Manfred/Business Insider

Being tall has its advantages: You can see things before others can, people look up to you (literally) and you apparently make more money throughout your career.  But “all talls quickly learn that all things cost more, so earning more money is a must,” Barry Hanold told Jo Piazza at The Wall Street Journal. “Height is not a disability, but it is less understood in the workplace.”

Hanold is president of the Tall Club of New York City, a group where local talls — what they call themselves— can go to network with a bevy of others just like them.

Aside from acceptance and support, the Tall Club can also help you get ahead in your career. They help one another with interview practice, circulate each other’s resumes and give advice on what tailors to visit for business attire. Hanold says he got his current job because of a connection through the Tall Club. 

The company’s Web site says:

For the tall, urbane, sophisticated New Yorker we offer social events in all of NYC’s best places, travel around the world and lots and lots of great tall friends to hang out with.

Even if you’re not tall yourself, but you care about someone who is, we’re here to help. We have information on where to find tall clothing, sporting goods, tall gear, information about tall-specific health issues and more.

Once a month, at least 5-foot-10 women and 6-foot-2 men meet for some high-reaching professional and social networking. The club was formed nearly two decades ago and currently has 100 members.

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