A new hotel design features breeding tanks full of fish and vegetable-filled vertical farms — take a look

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

The annual Radical Innovation Award competition always features elaborate and imaginative hotel designs, including water-powered resorts on mountaintops and rooms in flying glass pods.

This year, the runner-up created a hotel design centered on aquaponics – a system that combines raising fish and cultivating plants in water. Excretions from the fish can increase the toxicity of the water, but this water is fed to the plant system, where bacteria turn the by-products intro nutrients for the plants. The water is purified by the time it returns to the aquatic system at the end of the closed cycle.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes, a firm based in France, wants to apply this closed loop model to hotels by recycling rainwater throughout the building. The circulation would provide water to aquariums, flowers, and vertical produce farms within the hotel.

Radical Innovation Award winners were announced on October 3, with a driverless travel suite design winning the top prize. The suite, which could be ordered online or through a mobile app, would feature basic amenities for sleeping and using the restroom.

Take a look at some of the renderings for the top two hotels.

The autonomous travel suite, which would run on solar energy, is designed to transport people from home to a docking facility near their destination.

Aprilli Design Studio

The aquaponic hotel proposal calls for a modular design that could adapt to different skylines around the world. It could be a smaller building in Paris or a tall tower in New York, for example.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

A rooftop restaurant would serve local food, and breeding tanks on different floors would feature sturgeons, crawfish, tilapia, trout, and more.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

Each room would include an aquarium that would provide water for various flowers and herbs.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

In line with the aquaponics model, the vertical culture system on each floor — where produce is grown in vertically-stacked layers —would filter the water before it is injected back into the fish tank.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

The hotel’s vertical cultures would include mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplant, melons, lettuce, strawberries, and grapes.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

From homemade caviar to vegetable salads and crawfish dishes, the architects say the hotel’s production of fish and produce could each feed 60 people per day.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes

It is unclear if the Aquaponic Experience Hotel will ever be created, but the competition finalists will all meet with industry experts to discuss developing their ideas further.

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