Final Madden 11 Roster Update Details

Madden Football

A new Madden 11 roster update is available and kudos for EA Sports for updating the Madden rosters for one last time. Players have been moved from I.R. back to team rosters and ratings adjustments were made for update #19. Congrats to Aaron Rodgers who now moves into the elite 99 club.

I have to give the developers of Madden 11 a ton of props this season. Madden 11 rosters were constantly updated throughout the season more regularly than ever before. While we can sit here and debate player ratings for the next year, just the fact that the developers would offer updates at times on a weekly basis reflecting the current NFL was a much needed improvement over past years where it would take months to get a roster update.

Madden roster update #19 has over 320 transactions, rating adjustments and depth chart moves. According to the EA Sports blog, “we have had nearly 5000+ total roster moves this year in over 20 weekly roster updates.” You really can’t ask for much more as a Madden gamer can you?

The newest Madden 11 roster update will be the last. Unfortunately there haven’t been any big moves yet in the NFL that would be reflected on Madden. The nice part of this update is that all of those NFL players on injured reserve are put back on the active roster.

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