The $270 'Final Fantasy XV' Ultimate Collector's Edition is missing a crucial component

“Final Fantasy XV” is a pretty big deal. The latest in the beloved Japanese role-playing game series takes us to a gorgeous open world with acrobatic combat, flying cars and a decidedly bro-ish road trip.

In other words, it’s the kind of game some people will be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on, as evidenced by the existence of the $270 Ultimate Collector’s Edition. That version comes with the game, a hardcover art book, a full-length CGI movie called “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV,” an anime spin-off called “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV,” a statue of the main character and some in-game bonuses.

Final Fantasy XVSquare EnixI’m so ready to go on a road trip with these fellas.

That sounds like pretty much everything you could want, right? Well, it turns out that edition won’t come with the season pass for the game’s future downloadable add-ons, which costs $25 on its own.

This news came in a Twitter Q&A with the game’s director, Hajime Tabata. You can still buy the game on its own for $60 and the season pass for an additional $25, or you can just buy a premium edition that comes with both for $85.

That’s pretty absurd, honestly. The existence of extravagant special editions of games is questionable to begin with, but collectors willing to splurge for their favourite games should get everything if they’re paying nearly $300 for the whole collection.

Sadly, it sounds like that won’t be the case with “Final Fantasy XV.” Plan on adding an extra $25 to your purchase of the Ultimate Collector’s Edition if you want to see every single thing the game has to offer.

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