Film Critic Blasts Melissa McCarthy For Being 'Tractor-Sized' — Here's Today's Buzz

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  • In a review for actress Melissa McCarthy’s new movie “Identity Thief” co-starring Jason Bateman, longtime New York Observer reviewer Rex Reed attacks the actress’s weight throughout his scathing piece. After calling the film “trashy” and a “chunk of junk,” Reed calls McCarthy’s character “tractor-sized.” He also refers to the “Bridesmaids” star as a “female hippo” and adds that she is “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.” Rude!
  • Brett Ratner, along with a Canadian production company, will produce a FarmVille half-hour animated TV show. Don’t get too horrified — there’s no network attached … yet.
  • Gloria Steinem has finally watched HBO’s “GIRLS” — and she approves! “I am so relieved to see real people saying real words and wearing real clothes,” she said. 
  • Jennifer Lopez, her 24-year-old boyfriend Casper, her ex-husband Marc Anthony and his model girlfriend all gathered to intimately celebrate Marc’s son’s 12th birthday. And the modern family even tweeted a photo to prove it!
  • John Mayer admits “I was a jerk” in past relationships. Duh, nothing we didn’t already know from Taylor Swift’s “Dear John.”
  • Amanda Bynes thinks Jay-Z is ugly.

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