Here's How To Figure Out What Your DNA Sounds Like

23andMe, founded by Anne Wojcicki, helps you figure out essentially everything about your genealogy.

A fun little feature on 23andMe analyses your DNA to create a unique melody based on your genotype. Your melody will differ from another person’s depending on your specific genotype i.e. AA, GT, CT, etc.

But the DNA melody is really just the cherry on top.

More importantly, 23andMe helps you figure out things like the percentage of your DNA that comes from populations worldwide, health risks, and which drugs your body responds to.

All you have to do is request a spit kit for $US99, provide 23andMe with a saliva sample, and send in your results. Within a few weeks, you’ll receive a treasure trove of information about what your DNA says about you.

Here’s what my DNA sounds like.

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