This Scene Of Fighting Giraffes Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

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Giraffes rarely fight, but when they do, it’s a hypnotic spectacle. 

The Discovery Channel caught a pair of giraffes locked in heated battle, and the footage they got was nothing short of spectacular.

Take a look below:

Photo: Discovery

Giraffes are “gentle vegetarians,” according to the narrator, but they will fight to protect precious territory by swinging their 6-foot-long, 500-lb necks into each other.

In this case, the precious territory is a stretch of land in the Hoanib sand river in Namibia.

Here’s another look at giraffes swinging their necks in battle:

Photo: Discovery

And here’s a bonus GIF of a leopard scaring a squirrel:

Photo: Discovery

The Discovery Channel’s series “Africa” debuts tonight at 10 pm ET, and they’ll probably have more footage of fighting giraffes and frightened squirrels.

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