Fighting Other People's Battles Leads To Failure

Don’t waste your emotion and intellect fighting for someone else’s highly-emotional, semi-logical ego conquest.

Whether it’s business or politics or religion (or family nonsense) there are endless battles that present themselves. You are enlisted, recruited, pressured by friends, colleagues, and peers to join their fight.

To get involved. To make a stand. To create change.

And that’s OK as long as you don’t might putting your own dreams and ambitions on hold.

See, you can’t fight two battles at the same time (at least not for long). You can’t fight for someone else and achieve your own success at the same time. Even if your missions seems related.

The emotion and energy you have to offer in a fight are limited resources. Perhaps more limited that you might expect.

You have to pick  your battles or risk losing the fight.

That’s not an excuse for being selfish, complacent, arrogant, needy, conniving, manipulative, or lazy. It’s just a reminder. About a simple fact.

You dreams might be infinite, but the limits of your body and mind and creativity are not.

1. Take care of what you have.

2. Fight violently when the cause is worth it.

3. Make sure you are fighting for you.

No one else has your back like you do. No one cares as passionately about what you care about like you do.

So fight. But fight your battles first.

You’ll be stronger to fight for others later when that’s the right decision.

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