Report: FIFA to suspend Sepp Blatter

FIFA will suspend president Sepp Blatter for 90 days, according to a report by Sky News.

“FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been provisionally suspended by the organisation’s ethics committee, a close friend has told Sky News.”

According to Paul Kelso of Sky News, the suspension is “pending further investigation by Swiss prsecutors.” He described the source as a “close friend & advisor to Sepp Blatter.

Richard Conway of the BBC reports that a final decision will be made on Thursday and that as of now, the recommendation is to suspend.

“Final decision on Blatter due tomorrow from Judge Eckhert. Recommendation is for 90 day suspension.”

Last month, the Swiss attorney general announced that Blatter will face charges of “criminal mismanagement” and “misappropriation.”

Among the charges is an allegation that Blatter gave a “disloyal payment” to UEFA president Michel Platini totaling 2 million francs ($US2.1 million). That payment is alleged to have been made three months before Platini announced he would not run against Blatter in the 2011 FIFA presidential election.

According to the Sky News report, 90 days is the longest suspension that FIFA’s ethics committe can hand down during a pending investigation.

FIFA is set to elect a new president on February 26. That election was the result of Blatter’s decision in June to step down as president.

We have reached out to FIFA for comment.

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